Orion Gliozheni


Prof. Dr. Orion Gliozheni is an obstetrician-gynecologist, Head of Departament at the Obstetric-Gynecological University Hospital “Koço Gliozheni” in Tirana.

He is one of the most renowned specialists in this field, a professor in the Faculty of Medicine and has a great contribution in the field of maternal and child health in our country. He is the author of many scientific and didactic books and articles.

The book tells about one of the most exciting events a couple goes through in their lifetime, the birth of a baby.  It is a complete guide to pregnancy and its problems. The book is concepted  in the form of questions and answers that explain all the doubts and insights that future parents need to know, to live their pregnancy properly and to prepare calmly for their baby.

With up-to-date information, he will accompany you throughout your pregnancy, from the moment you get pregnant and first weeks of pregnancy till birth. It will answer all your questions about the development of pregnancy, yours and your baby’s health, medical attendance, nutrition, the process of giving birth and the first weeks after birth.

Practical advice came from a long experience of the author in this field. They will help you to expand your knowledge and make the right choices at every step of your pregnancy or birth.